4 comments on “Thursday, 13 March 2014

  1. Strength: 3×5 200,205,210, 4reps F 5th

    Stamina: finished round 6 failed seven then worked my way back to 1

  2. Strength: 205, 215, 225
    Stamina: 9 rounds + 6 ring dips; then backed down starting from the round of 7 to 1. In the last minute, did AMRAP and got 10 OHS and 7 ring dips. Total reps: 158

  3. Strength: 75, 80, 85…I know I ended with 85, but I thought I started with 70???

    Stamina: Got through the 9 sqts and then went to pushups and was pretty much fried, tried to do the 8th round and down and was done after the sqts…so I got in 53 sqts + 60 pushups…113 Total reps (sub front sqt @ 85lbs/double # ring dips for pushups)

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