2 comments on “Tuesday, 25 March 2014

    • Epic Story of “The No Wod” continues. Memoir of a Lost Crossfitter

      On this day the April 11th, in the 2014th year of our lord:

      Day 3 of no WOD. I scurry around to find what to do with my life. No soreness. No aches and pains from the inescapable hazing to be completed. No countdown timer to fear. No constant belittling from the coach on form. “Lower!” thoust sayth! “Fix thine thumbs!” I wonder where my life will turn to next. Many a times I wondered what life would be like without the WOD. Does thous believeth it should never remember? Nay I say. The time shall come again. When the earth shattering slams will be heard around the world from the titanic weight that lands on the surface of the crackable concrete. A time when we ran throughth the dark hoards of gnats that showed signs of mercy to our unarmored skin. (That reminds me, I need to buy more bug spray). I shall fine thee. And when I do, I will hug thee as if to hugth an old friend. Come back to me dearst WOD. For till then, I am nothing but…a Lost Crossfitter.

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